Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Set...

Thought I would ask...
You get 36 of there most popular colors with a Super Brush (that we all love already) and Fine Nib (great for those small areas) in Black.

These are the colors you get..
Click on the picture to make bigger.

Cost $200 for the set with free shipping.
It takes 7-10 days after I order for them to arrive.
I'll order at the end of the week. 
Unless a bunch of you order before then.
Then I'll order more then once.
So if you want one head over to the store and place your order!

Hazel Video...

Sorry I haven't posted for a while.
I forget after I post on the store blog I should come here to.
I try and post there everyday so if don't want to miss anything definitely head over there.

So better late then never right?
I finally managed to make the Hazel video Trish asked for.
I was in a hurry when I shot it yesterday morning so I didn't read the directions before I started.
So I forgot a couple colors.
Like the Broom Handle is E31 & E30
the Broom was actually E31, Y21, Y11 & Y0000
the Bats Ears, Belly & Nose had R00 to lighten them before I used the W2.
I put notes in when I edited.
Sorry about that I had to go to a job interview in the afternoon but wanted to get this done for you guys when the light was good.
The lesson in this is always read the DIRECTIONS first..

So on to the video..

Thanks for stopping by and watching.
Have a great day.