Friday, August 31, 2007

OH MY...

I was just browsing my favorite blog spots for ideas. And I discovered myself. Over at Stampin When I Can under newly discovered. I'm the top one on the list. How exciting!! It amazes me all the great Blogs out there. They are just loaded with great ideas (A Lot), places to shop (Way to Many) and just life in general. I mean stuff you think only you could be going though and you find out others go though the same stuff. Wow!
Here is the movie we ended up watching... As the Title advertises it was Super Bad!! About 10 minutes in I was wishing I'd stayed at home and worked on the PJ's. I even got up in the middle to use the girls room and didn't hurry back. It was about a couple of teenage boys buying alcohol for a party so they could get some. The whole thing was just ridiculous. But my husband liked it.... He said it was just so stupid that it was funny. I'm
picking the next movie that's 2 in a row for him that I didn't like.
Well better get ready for work... Until later..
Have a great day!!
Heather :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Going Out...

My dear husband would like to go on a date tonight and watch a movie. So I won't get those PJ's done tonight! But I did finish my pair, but it's to hot to wear them just yet. When I finish them all I'll post a picture.

Thanks Debbie, Lauri, and Patty for leaving me a comment. It made me feel special today when I was feeling a little down. I posted the link in the last post. Hope you enjoy the file and maybe can send me a picture when you use it.

Also did you see the great file's Chris will have for sale next month at Paper Threads posted on her blog today. I love her stuff. It's always great. I'm going to have to get both those mish mash ones. But I'm frugal so I'm going to wait for the sale.

I also have been seeing these new nestablilites by Spellbinder on a lot of cards lately. Well yesterday I received an email from Cut at Home to preorder them and decided to try them out. You can even sign up for a 40% off coupon! They look very fun. Do any of you already have these? Do you like them?

Well got to go. Until later..

Heather :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Nap Time...

  • I finally had a chance to cut this file out. Can you tell I have dogs. They are both always sleeping so this will look great on their pages. You can also cut out just the dog house without the words if you want to. I couldn't find the original font I used (I must have deleted it when I cleaned out the folder) so I had to find a new one. But this one is cute, kind of whimsical!
I also found a cute counter today on someone's blog and thought it would be cute to install. I'm computer challenged so it took me a while. I was surprised to see it move. How exciting!!!
Is there anything else you would like? I'm willing to try and make it....
I'm off to work on my PJ bottoms for a bit. I was serious about finishing those up this week...
Until later...
Heather :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Day Slipped Away...

I don't know where today went. It just disappeared. I managed to sew all the PJ bottoms together last night. Now to put the elastic/draw string in and put the hem in the legs. I started out making the drawstring following the directions... How do you turn something that small right side out? It's impossible. So I'm cheating and ironing them all nice and sewing the seam on the outside. I think it will be a lot faster. I even got my daughter Emily to try her pair on tonight so I could check the length. So maybe tomorrow I'll finish those up.

My other daughter Ashley decided she needed her dad to fix her cell phone so she invited herself and the two children she was watching over for dinner. Luckily we had a luncheon at work today and I brought home the left overs (No Cooking). The boys weren't real excited to have lasagna for dinner. So we called it Spaghettio's. Hey it was a small white lie and they liked it after trying it. One of them decided he hated green beans, but wanted a brownie so he ate them any ways. And Ashley she's tough.. it was it them or do without (she didn't have any she hates green beans). Kids... I forgot how much talking they can do (we were trying to watch a new T.V. show). I don't think they were quiet one minute while they were here. Makes me glad mine are grown.

I still need to cut out the file I redid this weekend to make sure it cuts out right. Hopefully tomorrow. My I'm busy.. I don't know how I got so busy. These are the pictures I used in my picture frame project. Hopefull you can see them a little better.

Until tomorrow...
Have a great night..
Heather :)

Monday, August 27, 2007

Good Morning...

It's Monday already.. But we do have the long weekend this coming weekend!! Maybe I should take Friday off to make it extra long. I'll have to check on how many vacation days I have coming. My husband and I want to go to the Grand Canyon in October for a vacation and I would like to go on the Cut N' Cruise in February. So I don't want to use up all my days off.

I cut all the Pajama Bottoms out last night while I was watching Criminal Minds ( were watching season 1 on DVD). I love that show. So today I'll take them to work and pin them together. My daughter Emily was excited, but told me not to make them to short! So she's suppose to be here tonight to try hers on for length. Two of the fabrics I didn't have enough of so I'm thinking of making a pair half one color and half the other color. What do you think?

I also had a chance to make a project I've been wanting to do but couldn't find the right picture frame. I got the idea out of the Digital Scrapbooking magazine June/July issue page 81. I wish the picture frame was a bigger size, but I wasn't willing to pay $50 for a custom made one so this is what I got. I think it turned out pretty good. I even hung it on the wall already.
I also have been looking for some way to organize my stamp pads. I found these cute cabinet's this weekend at Organize More . I showed them to my husband and he said he would make me some. Maybe not exactly like those but something close. As long as I have something to put my stamp pads in and hang it on the wall I'll be happy.
Well off to get ready for work.. Until later.
Have a great day!!
Heather :)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lost and Found....

I've finished cleaning the quilting room. It was a mess, but I did find a few things. Probably more then I wanted. I tend to buy things I'm going to make and then never start the project.

Like these Pajama Pants I was going to make for everyone for Christmas. How much flannel do I need for PJ's I never made. So it's my goal to make them up this week. It's only four pieces for heavens sake. If I make up one pair a night I should be able to finish them all by next weekend.... Keep you posted!

And how about this shirt... I thought it would be cool to pick out all these cute fabrics and combine two different ones to make the shirt. Like the monsters with the red. Maybe different colored sleeves and collar. But as you can see I have enough to do 5 different shirts. They don't look as cool in the bag so I got them out also and put them in plan view. PJ's then shirts.

I also found the patterns for "Mama Said" a quilt I made and sent to the Sister's Quilt Show last year (2006). This one took me a year to applique the blocks and another year to hand quilt with a year in between with it just sitting in my room because I was burnt out on hand quilting. I have been looking for those forever. I sold the quilt but thought some day I might want to make another one... You just never know.. Yeah right! So I put all the patterns in a box with two other quilt block of the month patterns I still haven't made but will someday. At least they are all in a project box together on the self so they aren't getting lost again.

The sad part is I didn't find all of these. I have tore the house apart looking for the rest of them, but still haven't found them. I even went over to the quilt store and had Michelle look on the computer to make sure I purchase them all and sure enough I purchase all the missing block on the same day along with a book. I have looked and looked. I found the book beside my bed but no blocks. I've obsessed over it for two days so I'm going to give it a couple of days rest then look some more. If all else fails I'll have to buy them again. That totally sucks because they are expensive and I don't know if I can still get one of them. I'm hoping someone didn't pick up the bag not look in it and throw it away! I'm sure I remember them sitting forever beside the kitchen cupboard and me picking them up and taking them up stair to the quilt room, but I Can't find them... There Lost..... :(

Until later.... Have a great day!!!
Heather :)

Friday, August 24, 2007


I've been coming into work everyday now looking at these ugly lumps on the ground. Thinking shouldn't someone have planted those a little deeper in the ground. I'm not a gardener!! It's August already they must have died.... Those should have come up already? Right??

But then I noticed they had a couple of little shoots. Well that was pretty interesting looking, but still not that great.. How much longer until I can see the end result?? It seems like I have been waiting for weeks already..

The waiting is finally over and oh my they are Glorious!!

It was well worth the wait. And there are bunches of them. So pretty so I thought I'd take a picture on my way into work because I know they won't last long. Soon it will be raining again and Winter will be upon us....

I also had a chance to clean out my quilting room a little bit before I had to go have my hair done yesterday. But I will have to continue that tonight and bring up the big garbage can!! That's my goal for tonight... Finish up cleaning, so I'll probably be up late.... :)

Have a great day...


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A New Project...

I've decide to start a new project. While at a friends house (part time employer) for 4th of July BBQ I noticed she has a generic comforter on her bed. Well that just won't do. She need a quilt! But I haven't quilted in over a year. I don't know why?? Ok yes I do... I get on these little spurts of thing I like to do and I get obsessed with them (like Blogging). But I decided this is something I want to do for her. She's really a great lady. Always doing thing for others. It's going to be a surprise for her, some time in the future... But not to far in the future.

So for me the process starts with looking through a few hundred magazines I have stored in my quilting room and picking out the perfect pattern. This is the pattern I have decided on Reflection. I think it'll look great on her bed.

Then comes the fun part of shopping for fabric. So I gathered my husband for a shopping trip and he says WHY do you need to shop for more fabric you have a whole room full. But honey none of that is what I have in mind... :) OH?? And off we go.
Well we only had to spend a couple of days outing and three separate towns looking for what I consider perfect. Pretty good I think. My husband even helped pick some out and carried the bags.

So I went in and cleaned off the cutting table (man where did all this junk come from and why is it in here. HONEY!!) and found the tools I'll need to cut everything out. I'll have to finish cleaning the rest up before I can start sewing, but I'm off to a good start. I've taken a few photo's to keep track of the process. Now to just get started cutting everything out (but I still need to blog about this tonight)... Maybe tomorrow!!

So I'll keep you posted on the process and the finish.

Until later...
Heather :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Where do you find it? Well when I'm in the mood to make cards I head over to Split Coast Stamper's. They have the greatest gallery full of inspiration.

While I was there this weekend searching for my card inspiration I happened to click on a blog post. Well a whole new world of inspiration was opened up. I never would have thought you could find so many new places to visit just with that one click. But everyone of them has a my favorite place to visit spot. Wow!! You could visit a new place everyday. But be careful it addictive!! So Many creative people out there.

I really ended up not have any time yesterday... But when I got home I did have to check my email! And I was tagged!!! By Vickie.... I've never been tagged before. Thank you Vickie. So I'm going to tag 5 of the new Blogs I discovered this weekend in my search.

Tracy who's Basic Gray SU Style started my blog discovery.

So go visit there blogs and say Hi...

Here's two of the cards I made this weekend. I used the same stamp ( Garden Silhouettes and French Script by Stampin Up) on both. But different paper. I love how different they look, but didn't have to come up with a new style. You could make up a bunch of these using all kinds of paper choices. Now to just give them away.... I've already thought of a couple of ladies.
Until later. Have a great day!!

Heather :)

Monday, August 20, 2007

No Time Today...

Good morning. I made these great cards this weekend I'll share with you later, but I won't have time today. After work I have a retirement dinner to go to. No telling how long that will last. But it should be fun. And there's free food!! Yippie no cooking or cleaning up tonight.

Have a great day!!

Heather :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007


This was my husbands movie pick on Netflix this weekend. The only good thing about the whole movie was the Ab's. They either did a lot of air brushing or a lot of time at the gym! The whole movie consisted of men with swords chopping other men with swords up. Lots of blood lose and heads falling off. It's a good thing I had stopped to pick up the new 4 x 6 Photo's Magazine by Creating Keepsakes earlier. Because I lasted a whole 5 minutes then tuned the whole thing out. My husband as it turns out wasn't that impressed either. He doesn't get to pick next weekends movie!!

But speaking of magazines. I went to my local Joann's to just pick up that one magazine. But I did have to look around!! They were having an awesome sale. So I ended up getting a few new things. Die Cuts With A View Nana's Kid's Coordinates was only $24.88 what a great deal. You get the cute bag (in either pink or green), an 8 x 8 album, and 8 x 8 paper packet and 108 chip board embellishments. So of course I had to get one of each!!

And they had the Stacks on sale for $11.99 so of course I had to pick up the new Fall Stack, Fall Card Stock Stack and matching 4 x 6 adhesive card stock stack ($5.99).

They only had these two to pick from.. By Creating Keepsakes All in One.. Wow everthing you need to scrapbook. Textured Card Stock, Patterned Paper, Punch Outs, Rub On's, Vellium sheets and Sketches for just $11.99. Wish they had more to choose from at the store, but there's always online shopping!! So if you are saving money this weekend don't go there! Other wise have fun... Until later.

Have a great day...

Heather :)

Friday, August 17, 2007

I had the day whole OFF!!

Yippie!! I had the day off from work. My husband was suppose to take the day off to!! But he thought I had changed my mind. So he had to WORK... HaHa!! So I had the whole day to play in my scrap room. I have to admit at first I was bummed. Thinking a whole day by myself how Boring!! I can't spend all day in my scrap room. I'll only last an hour or two and I spend the whole time searching around on the computer. And end up wasting the whole day. :) Well I didn't I hopped online and checked my email then worked on my Dog House Album. I even made a cute fire hydrant and dog bowl to go in it. I'm so proud! I did decide to go ahead and redo the album file itself though. I think the whole thing turned out rather CUTE!... Well have to go make dinner for hubby, so until later.

Have a great day!!

Heather :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I love flowers in the summer. There are so many to choose from. The local nursery's are full of tons of choices. Way to many to pick from in my opinion. A few years ago my husband made me this cute flower bed around our tree out back.

Well I planted all these great flowers the first year.. And the slugs and snails destroyed them!! So I decided I'd put some ivy in there thinking it would never survive the winter. HA!! That was funny. Who knew it would take over everything in there.

Well this year I got on another flower crusade and off to the nursery I went. These are a few of my choices. I can never pick 2 the same so every flower is different. So many to look at. All so pretty.
That first night the dogs where given a stern warning about digging them up when I wasn't looking. Well when I came home they where all still planted but the stupid slugs had eaten one of the poor things all most gone.

Well I have to tell you I was pretty MAD!!! I went right out and purchased some Slug killer. The little buggers take that. I thought I would take care of them after a couple of treatments, but no I'm still killing them off. But I still have the flowers! They've grown in nicely over the summer. Now if I could just get my 1 lone tomato plant to grow a tomato.....
Until later,

Monday, August 13, 2007

Fonts why so many??

Fonts... Why do I have so many? I spent yesterday looking at them and deleting the ones I thought looked the same. I even put them in folders by there first letter. So they would be easier to look at in my The Font Thing program. It was still a pain.. And I still need to go in and organize them into collections. :( I'm petty sure that wouldn't be that fun.. ) But I love them. Then I need to backup my new digital files and organize them in there program so I can find them.... Who am I kidding it's not happening today!!!

I also had time to work on this cute file I
made for a swap last month. I might learn how to use this program yet. But I love my screen capture program it was very helpful.

Oh and I got a chance to watch The Closer this weekend it was very good. I love Brenda the main character!! She's awesome. I added the rest of the series to my Netflix list. Any thing else you like to watch? I'm up for some more ideas.
So have a great day!!
Heather :)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I can't figure it out...

Well I'm sad to say I'm still trying to figure out WinPC. I think I'm getting a little better. But I just can't seem to figure out how to import my DXF files into the program. It's very frustrating! It will load in parts of the file but not the whole thing and the silly thing is huge. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have an email into the company and Lori is trying to help me. I went ahead and redid the My Favorite TV Show file, but I haven't tried cutting it yet. I definitely need to spend some time this weekend playing with it. If you can offer any advise please do so....

We went to see The Bourne Ultimatum on Sunday. It was pretty good.
They tried to make it feel like you where right there in the action. The camera was constantly shaking and the close ups! You shouldn't be so close to someones face that you can see there pours (Huge)... But it definitely kept you entertained. And I love the popcorn (extra Butter) and candy. My daughter Emily even went with us which is rare. She was bored... So I'm giving this movie 4 stars... Would watch it again is someone asked me to.

Until Later..
Heather :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Movie Night...

Last night was movie night at my house. We started off with "I Think I Love My Wife". It's about a man who is bored being married and along come this cutie to try and mess up his life. In my opinion it was ok... But wasn't moving fast enough for me. But on the good side I could get up and do the dishes and not miss anything! I'm giving this one 2 1/2 stars... Ok but would rather have done something else.

Then I was ready to go and play on the computer when my dear husband say aren't we going to watch the other one? I said can't we watch it tomorrow? I have baseball... So in it went. "Unaccompanied Minors" It's about some kids who get stuck at the airport on Christmas Eve. What kind of trouble can they get into? It's a cute movie that is good for the whole family. I watched the whole thing... NO doing chores! I'm giving this one 4 stars... Good didn't have the urge to get up and do something else, but not great.
So tonight is baseball.... yippie!! Unless he gives me his puppy dog face... Aren't you coming??? I'll be able to practice on my WinPC.... Maybe make up a new file for my About Me Album.Any suggestions? What would you like to include in yours? Help me out I need some ideas for some new files.....
Until later.
Heather :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Weekend Project...

I spent this Saturday at my local Scrapbook Store taking a class. It was fun to get out of the house and try something new. It actually turned out pretty good. But I have decided I'm not into decoupage. I hate getting gunk on my hands. YUCK!! It was ok until she said now use your finger to flatten out the paper! WHAT.... You must be kidding? I don't know what I'm going to put in it yet. There are 3 cute lift out trays inside. Maybe I can put some embellishments in it? Maybe it's ment for a Christmas present? I don't know yet.

My mom finally broke down and bought a real BBQ. So we all got together last night to break it in. My husband and I arrived early to help her start cooking. She was already at it. She was so cute with her little tinfoil covered BBQ... Who puts tinfoil on their BBQ? Not me just throw the stuff on there! The more junk on it the better, just adds flavor... Ok who am I kidding my husband does all the BBQ around here and he keeps it pretty clean, but NO tinfoil.

Ok I still haven't figured out how to work my new WinPC... But my new friend Lori did send me a tutorial so when I get home tonight I will try and practice. Thank you Lori!! But we do get new movies tonight so I don't know... We'll have to wait and see. And what about my box? Do you think it turned out OK?
Have a great day!!
Heather :)

Monday, August 6, 2007

My Favorite...

T.V. Show is CSI! This is the one show I missed when I decided to turn our cable off.. But I have watched all the episodes out on DVD. And can't wait to see last season. I've tried watching the Miami version and it's just not the same for me. I guess it just about the people they have playing the character's. I just love that Gill (William Petersen).. He's just to cute!

A new one I discovered while browsing Netflix is The Medium. I just can't and imagine going though all that.. Poor Allison (Patricia Arquette), but even more so for her poor husband Joe (Jake Weber)! He hardly ever gets any sleep.

And then there's NCIS. It has some really cool character's too. But what will we do with out Jethro (Mark Harmon)?? He'll be back. And I love that Abby (Pauley Perrette) she always has the greatest outfits!! I'm sure I'll discover a few new ones this year. I added The Closer to my Netflix list to check out... Thanks Shae!

I made this cute file to include in my About Me Album.. I think everyone should have one of those. Other wise how will people know anything about you. I'm usually the one taking the pictures, so I don't have that many of me. But this is a topic that I could include about myself with pictures of my favorite shows!

Enjoy your day.. Until later!

Heather :)

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Dentist

I had to go to the dentist yesterday. I really hate going to the dentist. Ok maybe that's a strong statement.. I don't hate going to the dentist I HATE the 4 hours after going there. 3 hours of not being able to feel your face then another hour of it trying to wake up and being all tingly! YUCK... So needless to say I didn't get much done last night.

I did start a new file that I should be able to cut out tonight and post. Thank you Katie and Shae for leaving me a comment. I'm going to check out Heros and The Closer. I'm always looking for something new to try. So if you have a favorite TV show please share it with me so I can check it out.

I also received my new software yesterday. WinPC so I'm hoping to learn how to use it this weekend so I can have different file types to share. If you know of any tutorials to help me along let me know.

Until tonight...
Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Why TV??

When I got home from work today my husband and I watched a couple of episodes of the Gilmore Girls. I really like that show. It has some real life stuff on it. I can see it happening. We are limited on what we watch. About 3 years ago I turned our TV off!! My husband watched a little to much CNN. And I decided I only watched it a couple of nights a week so why we're we paying all this money for it. TV is expensive! So now we have NETFLIX . I really like it you can pick what ever plan you think you might use and keep the movies as long as you want them. You can even change plans and it's easy. So my question to you is what do you watch? I need to add some new shows to my list.

I also had time to work on my waterfall file. To get the little cracks in the rock a different color I just stuck some paper behide the bigger pieces and then trimmed it off. I even found some paper with clouds to make the sky piece. Now I just have to make the scrapbook page.

I've had a few people get the Dog House Album. I'd love to see them when they are done. Oh and Comments... I would Love to get some of those!!

See you tomorrow.