Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Almost a New Year....

Well it's almost the start of a new year. How did this year go as far as resolutions go. Well lets see.
Resolutions 2007:
1.Lose 30 pounds.... Ok I started out really good. I went to the gym 5 days a week for the first 6 months then I just petered out. There was never any one there in the mornings when I got there. And it's really creepy at 4 am when your alone at the gym. Ok that's no excuse, I admit it I just got lazy, but I did still lose 10 pounds. I know it's not 30, but I guess I will add that to this years resolutions.

2.Save $1200.... Yippie I did it even with all the great gifts I bought my hubby for Christmas.

3. Take a new picture every week.... Never happened!

4. Scrapbook more pictures.... I did finish up my Mexico Vacation album. But I have a whole bunch more to work on. Add to list years list.

5. Back up my files once a month... Definitely NEVER happened!! I'm working on that right now. I had to go to the store to buy more CD's.

6.Buy 2 Christmas presents a month.... Yes I did this and I highly recommend it for every one. Once a month while I was out shopping I would look for a present for one of my girls and one other person. I got got everybody on my list something really good and it cost me less money because I wasn't rushed to buy something so I could get it on sale. Like the Columbia fleece jackets I picked up for under $20 for the boys. Those thing are expensive! One thing I did forget though was the wrapping paper so I could wrap them as I went. I went out and bought some yesterday on clearance for this years presents.

I'll add Resolutions for 2008 tomorrow. I need to think on it a bit.

Here is a card I made for my friend Sue's Christmas Birthday.


Stamps: SU -Embrace Life, Verve Visual - Thoughtful Phrases

Ink: Stazon - Black, SU - Cranberry Crisp & Certainly Celery that I water brushed on.

Paper: SU - CS River Rock, Classy Coordinates - July 2007 Kit, Electic Paperie - Poison Ivory (this is very sparkly I love it!)

Ribbon: From the July 2007 Classy Coordinates kit.

Other: Colozzle Circle cutter, -Petite Scalloped Circle Nestabilities ( if you sign up for there VIP program you get a coupon for 40% once a month), & SU - Word Window & Ticket Corner.

I think it turned out very pretty. You can't see how much it sparkles in this picture. I'm adding a photo tent to my want list for next year. So until next year!!! See Ya.... :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finished Quilt....

Here it is!! I think it turned out pretty good.
I'm not crazy about pink, but all in all I think the little person will like it. I didn't get to decorative with the quilting because it's for a baby and I want them to use it and love it a lot. It's meant to get worn out, not put in the closet. (My husband is helping me out by holding it up under the light, it raining and dark here already at 5 pm Thanks Honey!)
I've cut out the pieces and have sewn some of the blocks together for the next one, but I'm not to sure about it yet. It's just squares and rectangles nothing fancy. So I'm going to put all the blocks together then put them on the design wall and see how it looks. Before I decide if I need to start over. It too is pink, so it's a challenge. But I would like to finish it up this week if possible. That's why I went with easy squares. But if I hate it I'll trash it and start over.
Ok I'm off to my office Christmas party... Dr.Gurney is making his famous ham, I can't miss that. Until later... :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just wanted stop by and say HI!!
It's been really busy for me the last few days. I'm trying to finish up the quilts for my friend and it's very time consuming! I've finished one and will start the second one tonight. So I'll probably be hit and miss for a few days. I'll try and take a picture tonight and post the one I've finished. It just depends on how dark it is when I get home. It was already dark yesterday at 4:30 on my drive home. YUCK!! I hate winter... So if it's not raining tonight I should be able to take a picture. I think it turned out pretty good even though it is pink.. Not my favorite!
So have a great day!! Until later... :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

7 Things about me......
1) I HATE to get stuff on my hands.... Decoupage is not for me!!! YUCK!!
2)I LOVE online shopping. I love to see new stamps I don't have on every body's blogs, so I can rush over to get one!
3) I'm obsessed with organizing my stuff and I mean obsessed. My craft room is NOT a mess.
4) I have a really hard time cutting into all that pretty paper I buy. What if I need it later? It's not like I don't have a life time supply! So I'm getting a little better about it.
5) I have an over whelming collection of Quilting and Scrapbook magazines.
6) I have never liked camping. I'm a stay in a hotel kind of girl. Bring on the room service, Jacuzzi tub and the pool.
7) I don't like packing up all my stuff to take to a crop or friends house. I can and do some times, but I prefer to stay at home and craft by myself!
So there you have it 7 new things about me you didn't know and now do! I guess I'm suppose to tag some others. I'll have to add those later as I'm at lunch at work and still have some blog hopping to do...
Until later... Have a great day :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Christmas Card...

Here it is... My Christmas card. I made 14 of these cute little babies. I spent a week coloring them and putting them together. Today I wrote in them and addressed them so they can go out in tomorrows mail. Who are those 14 lucky people who I decided to grace with this special home made art?? I guess you'll have to wait and see if it was maybe you. Others wise you received a Lucky and Lulu card that I have posted pictures of on here already.
I can't believe how many cards I still have left... What was I thinking when I made so many? ( I'll have to ask the girls at work if they would like to buy some so they get used up) And I still have Christmas stamps that I haven't even used yet. I have to stop checking out everybody's cute blogs and ordering new stamps. Maybe we can start Valentine's cards now so I can shop for something else?? Help me out here....
Under Dogs: Page 3 Mr. Peddles, Page 7 Happy Dog Treats
Under Seasonal Christmas: Page 1 Santa, Page 3 Christmas Tree.
They have a bunch of really cute stamps!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas List Update....

Santa I forgot a few things.... I have this 13" Klick-N-Kut on layaway over at Sticky Stuff feel free to pay the balance and have it delivered. They called to tell me they are now in stock... AARGGG!!! I so wanted to have it sent right away... But I still have Christmas presents to buy and it isn't an emergency... I don't think?? Maybe??

They have these things over at Eclectic Paperie . Some Spica Glittler Pens They come in a few great colors.. I don't have any Yet!
And how about some stamps from Stampendous: Fluffles, Bee Happy Collection, Calendar Chicks any of these would be great. They are so cute.

Oh and some Stickles I love this stuff it's very sparklie! I've used it on the last couple of cards and would like to have more colors.
My list is growing.. That's what happens when you Blog hop....
For those of you wondering... Husband is all better!!!
Thank You God!! It was a little scary there for a while he's never been that sick since we've been together (15 years) :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Wishlist...

PLEASE...... Santa I've been EXTRA NAUGHTY this year can I have. Some Copic markers? I'm not to choosie I'll take any you bring me all of them would be nice (you know I'll end up having them all anyways).

Oh and the rest of the Prisma pencils and water colors I don't have and a couple of cases to put them in. I'm really liking color all my stamped images.

And you can always throw in the complete set of Prisma markers too.... You can never have enough to color with...

And how about one of these tape runners my friend Lori showed me on her blog. It looks like it will save me a couple of trips to the store. Oh and don't forget the refill!

Ok I couldn't wait I ordered this, this morning... It just looked to awesome!!

Also Santa you can shop at any of the stores listed on the right side of my blog. I would love any thing you get me from any of those stores. Bling, flowers, brads, glitter pens, and stamps and stamps....OH MY! Remember I've Extra Naughty and deserve something super special. :-)'

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Storm...

We've been having high winds all day today here on the Oregon Coast. It wasn't that fun to drive to work in this morning, but I did make it there and back! It rains off and on, but not to bad.
I have been working on coloring my Santa cards. Coloring is a lot of work. I think they are turning out quiet nicely. Can't wait to get them done to show you.
Also my husband will be returning to work tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully he'll make it through the day. I took him shopping this afternoon and it was very tiring for him. Being sick for 2 weeks is very draining! Hopefully I don't ever get sick for that long.... It would suck!!
I went to my nephews Deacons Birthday party last night. Had a ton of pizza and mojo's. Man he's cute. He scored a bunch of great presents. I was to lazy to go shopping so I wrapped his Christmas present and took that. I'll shop for a new present later.
The weekend went by pretty fast. I don't want it to be over yet! We are suppose to decorate the clinic I work at tomorrow afternoon... YUCK!! Maybe I'll stay home sick? I'm just not into decorating work...
Off to read some more off my book and go to sleep. Until later... Have a great day!! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers 3

I went over to Flossie's Follies this morning to thank Flossie for her wonderful Christmas card she sent me and she had a link to the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers posted and thought I'd check it out. You should too it looks like a lot of fun!!!
I've only been scrapbooking and stamping for a couple of years. I really like it. It's a creative outlet that doesn't take days to complete (most of the time). I live on the Oregon Coast and enjoy going on driving adventures to see all the wonderful scenery. I'm not really an outdoors type of girl (I hate camping, hunting, getting dirty, ect...) I love hanging out at home in my scrap room checking out everybody's great blogs!
Thanks Flossie for the wonderful Christmas card.. I love it!! (I post it later) I was wondering what I was going to do with all the Christmas cards I've made here lately... I guess I send them to my new Blogging Friends!! :)