Monday, December 31, 2007

It's Almost a New Year....

Well it's almost the start of a new year. How did this year go as far as resolutions go. Well lets see.
Resolutions 2007:
1.Lose 30 pounds.... Ok I started out really good. I went to the gym 5 days a week for the first 6 months then I just petered out. There was never any one there in the mornings when I got there. And it's really creepy at 4 am when your alone at the gym. Ok that's no excuse, I admit it I just got lazy, but I did still lose 10 pounds. I know it's not 30, but I guess I will add that to this years resolutions.

2.Save $1200.... Yippie I did it even with all the great gifts I bought my hubby for Christmas.

3. Take a new picture every week.... Never happened!

4. Scrapbook more pictures.... I did finish up my Mexico Vacation album. But I have a whole bunch more to work on. Add to list years list.

5. Back up my files once a month... Definitely NEVER happened!! I'm working on that right now. I had to go to the store to buy more CD's.

6.Buy 2 Christmas presents a month.... Yes I did this and I highly recommend it for every one. Once a month while I was out shopping I would look for a present for one of my girls and one other person. I got got everybody on my list something really good and it cost me less money because I wasn't rushed to buy something so I could get it on sale. Like the Columbia fleece jackets I picked up for under $20 for the boys. Those thing are expensive! One thing I did forget though was the wrapping paper so I could wrap them as I went. I went out and bought some yesterday on clearance for this years presents.

I'll add Resolutions for 2008 tomorrow. I need to think on it a bit.

Here is a card I made for my friend Sue's Christmas Birthday.


Stamps: SU -Embrace Life, Verve Visual - Thoughtful Phrases

Ink: Stazon - Black, SU - Cranberry Crisp & Certainly Celery that I water brushed on.

Paper: SU - CS River Rock, Classy Coordinates - July 2007 Kit, Electic Paperie - Poison Ivory (this is very sparkly I love it!)

Ribbon: From the July 2007 Classy Coordinates kit.

Other: Colozzle Circle cutter, -Petite Scalloped Circle Nestabilities ( if you sign up for there VIP program you get a coupon for 40% once a month), & SU - Word Window & Ticket Corner.

I think it turned out very pretty. You can't see how much it sparkles in this picture. I'm adding a photo tent to my want list for next year. So until next year!!! See Ya.... :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finished Quilt....

Here it is!! I think it turned out pretty good.
I'm not crazy about pink, but all in all I think the little person will like it. I didn't get to decorative with the quilting because it's for a baby and I want them to use it and love it a lot. It's meant to get worn out, not put in the closet. (My husband is helping me out by holding it up under the light, it raining and dark here already at 5 pm Thanks Honey!)
I've cut out the pieces and have sewn some of the blocks together for the next one, but I'm not to sure about it yet. It's just squares and rectangles nothing fancy. So I'm going to put all the blocks together then put them on the design wall and see how it looks. Before I decide if I need to start over. It too is pink, so it's a challenge. But I would like to finish it up this week if possible. That's why I went with easy squares. But if I hate it I'll trash it and start over.
Ok I'm off to my office Christmas party... Dr.Gurney is making his famous ham, I can't miss that. Until later... :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Just wanted stop by and say HI!!
It's been really busy for me the last few days. I'm trying to finish up the quilts for my friend and it's very time consuming! I've finished one and will start the second one tonight. So I'll probably be hit and miss for a few days. I'll try and take a picture tonight and post the one I've finished. It just depends on how dark it is when I get home. It was already dark yesterday at 4:30 on my drive home. YUCK!! I hate winter... So if it's not raining tonight I should be able to take a picture. I think it turned out pretty good even though it is pink.. Not my favorite!
So have a great day!! Until later... :)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've Been Tagged...

7 Things about me......
1) I HATE to get stuff on my hands.... Decoupage is not for me!!! YUCK!!
2)I LOVE online shopping. I love to see new stamps I don't have on every body's blogs, so I can rush over to get one!
3) I'm obsessed with organizing my stuff and I mean obsessed. My craft room is NOT a mess.
4) I have a really hard time cutting into all that pretty paper I buy. What if I need it later? It's not like I don't have a life time supply! So I'm getting a little better about it.
5) I have an over whelming collection of Quilting and Scrapbook magazines.
6) I have never liked camping. I'm a stay in a hotel kind of girl. Bring on the room service, Jacuzzi tub and the pool.
7) I don't like packing up all my stuff to take to a crop or friends house. I can and do some times, but I prefer to stay at home and craft by myself!
So there you have it 7 new things about me you didn't know and now do! I guess I'm suppose to tag some others. I'll have to add those later as I'm at lunch at work and still have some blog hopping to do...
Until later... Have a great day :)

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My Christmas Card...

Here it is... My Christmas card. I made 14 of these cute little babies. I spent a week coloring them and putting them together. Today I wrote in them and addressed them so they can go out in tomorrows mail. Who are those 14 lucky people who I decided to grace with this special home made art?? I guess you'll have to wait and see if it was maybe you. Others wise you received a Lucky and Lulu card that I have posted pictures of on here already.
I can't believe how many cards I still have left... What was I thinking when I made so many? ( I'll have to ask the girls at work if they would like to buy some so they get used up) And I still have Christmas stamps that I haven't even used yet. I have to stop checking out everybody's cute blogs and ordering new stamps. Maybe we can start Valentine's cards now so I can shop for something else?? Help me out here....
Under Dogs: Page 3 Mr. Peddles, Page 7 Happy Dog Treats
Under Seasonal Christmas: Page 1 Santa, Page 3 Christmas Tree.
They have a bunch of really cute stamps!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Christmas List Update....

Santa I forgot a few things.... I have this 13" Klick-N-Kut on layaway over at Sticky Stuff feel free to pay the balance and have it delivered. They called to tell me they are now in stock... AARGGG!!! I so wanted to have it sent right away... But I still have Christmas presents to buy and it isn't an emergency... I don't think?? Maybe??

They have these things over at Eclectic Paperie . Some Spica Glittler Pens They come in a few great colors.. I don't have any Yet!
And how about some stamps from Stampendous: Fluffles, Bee Happy Collection, Calendar Chicks any of these would be great. They are so cute.

Oh and some Stickles I love this stuff it's very sparklie! I've used it on the last couple of cards and would like to have more colors.
My list is growing.. That's what happens when you Blog hop....
For those of you wondering... Husband is all better!!!
Thank You God!! It was a little scary there for a while he's never been that sick since we've been together (15 years) :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Christmas Wishlist...

PLEASE...... Santa I've been EXTRA NAUGHTY this year can I have. Some Copic markers? I'm not to choosie I'll take any you bring me all of them would be nice (you know I'll end up having them all anyways).

Oh and the rest of the Prisma pencils and water colors I don't have and a couple of cases to put them in. I'm really liking color all my stamped images.

And you can always throw in the complete set of Prisma markers too.... You can never have enough to color with...

And how about one of these tape runners my friend Lori showed me on her blog. It looks like it will save me a couple of trips to the store. Oh and don't forget the refill!

Ok I couldn't wait I ordered this, this morning... It just looked to awesome!!

Also Santa you can shop at any of the stores listed on the right side of my blog. I would love any thing you get me from any of those stores. Bling, flowers, brads, glitter pens, and stamps and stamps....OH MY! Remember I've Extra Naughty and deserve something super special. :-)'

Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Storm...

We've been having high winds all day today here on the Oregon Coast. It wasn't that fun to drive to work in this morning, but I did make it there and back! It rains off and on, but not to bad.
I have been working on coloring my Santa cards. Coloring is a lot of work. I think they are turning out quiet nicely. Can't wait to get them done to show you.
Also my husband will be returning to work tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully he'll make it through the day. I took him shopping this afternoon and it was very tiring for him. Being sick for 2 weeks is very draining! Hopefully I don't ever get sick for that long.... It would suck!!
I went to my nephews Deacons Birthday party last night. Had a ton of pizza and mojo's. Man he's cute. He scored a bunch of great presents. I was to lazy to go shopping so I wrapped his Christmas present and took that. I'll shop for a new present later.
The weekend went by pretty fast. I don't want it to be over yet! We are suppose to decorate the clinic I work at tomorrow afternoon... YUCK!! Maybe I'll stay home sick? I'm just not into decorating work...
Off to read some more off my book and go to sleep. Until later... Have a great day!! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers 3

I went over to Flossie's Follies this morning to thank Flossie for her wonderful Christmas card she sent me and she had a link to the Sisterhood of the Blogging Stampers posted and thought I'd check it out. You should too it looks like a lot of fun!!!
I've only been scrapbooking and stamping for a couple of years. I really like it. It's a creative outlet that doesn't take days to complete (most of the time). I live on the Oregon Coast and enjoy going on driving adventures to see all the wonderful scenery. I'm not really an outdoors type of girl (I hate camping, hunting, getting dirty, ect...) I love hanging out at home in my scrap room checking out everybody's great blogs!
Thanks Flossie for the wonderful Christmas card.. I love it!! (I post it later) I was wondering what I was going to do with all the Christmas cards I've made here lately... I guess I send them to my new Blogging Friends!! :)

Friday, November 30, 2007

My Husband...

My husband is still battling his knee infection. So I've been hanging out with him at night watching some TV. He's very bored after laying around on the couch all day by himself. I'm is social event of the day! (poor guy) He's on his 2nd dose of meds. and has a follow up appointment with the doctor today. He's been saying all week that today I'm going to work, I just look at him and smile. Yesterday I finally told him that he has all week off and if he's so hip on doing some work he could finish up the tile in the kitchen. When I came home he was still laying on the couch, but he did get dressed. Being sick his not his thing that's for sure!!! He's driving me CRAZY!!!
On the good side I'm getting my Christmas cards
colored. I'm hoping to get those finished up this weekend.
Here's a couple of Lucky and Lulu cards I did this last weekend. I know brown isn't very Christmasie but I really like that one.
Sorry there so dark, but it's dark when I go to work and dark when I come home so I really need to make me a light box for picture taking.
I also pinned my quilt and have started quiting it... Hopefully I will finish that up this weekend too... If I can escape my sick husband....
Until later... Have a great day!! :)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Lucky and Lulu...

I've been playing with Lucky and Lulu. I think they are super cute! And easy to color.
I have a bunch more colored up and waiting for the stickles to dry so I can make some more cards today.
I can't wait for the new set to come out. I've seen it posted on a couple of blogs already. Very cute!
This is the first time I've really use the stickles... I like it and will be needing more colors!

I also think I need some more snowflake stamps this is the only one I could find. I like it but it has a bunch of little dots around the snowflake that I could do with out. So maybe I'll go ahead and order the Star Burst stamp set in the SU Holiday Mini catalog after all.??? Where did you get your great snowflake stamp? If you have one.
I still haven't pinned the quilt I'm suppose to be working on!! I need to do that some time today! I'm just not feeling into it, but it must get done.... So off to shower and get started on some things.
Until later have a great day....

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanks Giving!!!

Hope everyone got enough to eat! I had a lovely
lunch at my brother and BJ's house. She did an
awesome job making everything. I'm heading to
my sisters house to eat dinner at 7. Hopefully
my lunch will have settled by then. Luckily I
didn't stuff my self. :)
Here are a couple of cards I've worked on this week, but didn't have time to take pictures of until today. It's just to dark outside when I get home for picture taking. I need to make up a light box... Maybe I'll have time this weekend?
Recipe: Top Card
SU Stamp: Stem Silhouettes
SU CS and Ink Pads: Purely Pomegranate and River Rock
CTMH Ink Pad: White Daisy CS: Colonial White
Misc: Ribbon, Metallic Embroidery Floss, White Baubles, SU Photo Corners Punch
Bottom Card everything the same except I used SU Brocade Blue CS. I think they both turned out very pretty.
I'm off to work on some Christmas cards now and let my dinner settle some more.
Have a great day! :)

Monday, November 19, 2007

I Had a Shadow Today...

Today at work I had a shadow. A nice girl named Nicole who came to follow me around at work to see what I do. I'm not really a people person ( I don't do training) so it was an adventure, but not to bad. She spent a lot of time running up and down the stairs getting charts ( I'm the head receptionist at the doctors office). And we keep all of our charts down stairs in the basement. Saved me some leg work.!! :) Maybe she'll think twice and go to college instead! She gets to follow me around again tomorrow. Maybe we'll copy charts or make new patient files... That's SUPER exciting.... NOT!! All in all it was a good day though.
My husband had to come into the clinic today for his knee that is huge and this ugly red color. It's not pretty! Evidently he had an irritated hair follicle on his leg that let an infection get into his knee, but the hair follicle wasn't infected. ?? Who knows... He got to get a shot and these huge pills to take 4 times a day. He'll be having the rest of the week off, with his leg up. Way to get out of the Thanks Giving weekend honey do list!! I'm pretty sure he planned this I don't know how, but I'm sure he did. :)
I'm off to read my book and get some sleep until later...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I'm Still Here...

Time seems to be slipping by me this week. Can you believe next Thursday is Thanks Giving? Are you ready for the after Thanks Giving day sales? I need to pick up a few things. I'm ready to put the Christmas tree up. And this year I'm going to see if I can get my husband to put up the Christmas lights. They sure looked pretty the year I talked him into it!
Wow only 41 more days until Christmas... I guess I should make up some Christmas cards! I've done pretty good on my New Years resolution to buy Christmas cards all year long. I need to get my brother a replacement gift because I gave him his for his Birthday rather then rush to get something. And then there's my niece Paige and Nephew Deacon. Oh and my husband. Who I have NO idea what to get for this year. Maybe some tools to go in the new tool box from last year? I think he's going to give me some ideas. But I'll wait until the last minute to buy his because he always figures out what he's getting. It's so frustrating!!! Evidently he has my gift all picked out already. :)
Off to work.. Have a great day!! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ink Pad Storage....

I have had all my ink pads in there boxes forever. It's always a hassel to get them out, so I usually just pay with the couple I already have out. So A couple of months ago I asked my husband to make me something to put them in.... So when I finally got tired of waiting I did an online search and this is what I came up with.

Muststash for only $39.99 each and Free shipping when your order totals $100!!! They are well worth it. Look at how neat my ink pads look. I can sort them by colors and just walk into
my storage area and grab a bunch. No box opening. No looking. Just walk in and grab. And I still have a bunch more room for more!!!

I also got the Sizzix storage case. I was tried of digging through the baskets to find one. This is so much easier. Every things in plain site. I have a bunch more room for more, but I'm thinking of putting some of the medium size StampIn up stamps on there. The boxes fit perfectly.

They have a bunch of different storage containers to choose from. So if you've been looking for something head on over and take a look and tell them Heather sent you. :)

Not Feeling Motivated...

I'm not feeling very motivated today. I'm actually thinking about taking a nap! I need to put the back on my quilt and stamp up some more cards, but I'm just not feeling up to it just yet.
I watched Miss Potter this morning it's a cute movie about Beatrice Potter the author of "The Tales of Peter Rabbit". It had a couple of sad parts but it was really good. I recommend watching it. It's good for the whole family.

I also packaged up some cards I had already made. I think these guys are having just to much fun! It's a cute Whipper Snapper Stamp. I colored them with my Prisma Pencils and Gamsol. I think I'm getting a little better at it. I cheated and printed the saying out on the computer before I stamped it.

I also made up some more cards with this cute guy. I'm really liking stamping it on the printed paper and piecing it back together. I think it makes it look really cute. I put 9 cards in the cute plastic boxes I just got from Clear Bags I ordered a couple of different size boxes and some envelopes. There prices are really good. I wish I had ordered some clear envelopes to slip just one card and envelope into. I'm think about taking them around to the local shops and seeing about selling them??

I put Happy Birthday, Thank You and Thinking of you sentiments on them with my SU stamps.
I've been looking at the Copic markers. They look pretty cool and come in a bunch of colors. If you have these what colors do you have??
Until later... :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Circle Stamps...

I'm enabling this morning... Addicted to Scrapbooking has Inque Boutique stamps on sale!! I picked up these great circle stamps for $8.76 each. So head over there if your in need of some.

Until later.... :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Flowers... I LOVE to get flowers at work. When I returned to work on Monday I had this great bouquet of flowers sitting on my desk... I love the fall colors. My friend Rhonda sent them to me for my birthday not knowing I was not there. Someone forgot to call me from work I let me know. So they were a big surprise and a great pick me up when I started again on Monday.... Thanks Rhonda you made my day!!

Here's a quick card I made from a card kit that I got from Club Scrap. There stuff is awesome. I included this in my card package for my friend Shelly. The Stamp is SU, but I can't remember the name right now.
I had my whole family over for hamburgers and cake last night to celebrate my birthday. Half of them were in Hawaii the week of my birthday living it up. My sister brought me back this great bracelet and a skeleton melt warmer that is being sent. Shes so thoughtful I Love her!! My brothers family got me a great necklace and earring and some fun sock. I love socks with decorations. That way I know when one of my girls borrowed them!! Also my mom got me a quilt rack. Super cool! When my sister brought it in for me everyone was like what is that?? Me: IT'S A QUILT RACK!!! I'm going to hang my grandmothers quilt on it. My husband got me these great Ug boots ( love them), daughter Emily- purse and socks, daughter - Ashley a new pair of Nikes. I'm really liking it that the girls are old enough to have jobs and buy my presents with there own money!!!
Well that it for now off to get ready for work...
Until later :)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Hana Cards...

It's Hana... I love these stamps!! I made this card for my friend Rhonda She LOVES shoes.. I work part time for her on Saturdays and I try and leave her a little something every once in a while as a Monday morning pick me up. Try and make her week start out great. She loved it by the way.
I can't wait for the new set coming out later this month... I already have the second set "Tis the season to be pretty" It's also super cute.. Maybe I'll play with that one later today.

My best friend Shelly called me Friday and said she was coming to town... OH no I still haven't shop for her Birthday present (and she's bring mine) that was last month... It's true I'm a slacker! I know I'll make her a card package. I have to include Hana. She also loves to shop!! I was up until 2am stamping and cutting. It didn't seem that long!

I also need a Birthday card!! What stamp sets do I have... Voila. He's cute I'll just jump over to the gallery at Split Coast Stampers and search in the gallery for an idea. I found a bunch of really cute ideas but went with one by prbloom . Thank you for the inspiration! I used a bunch of paper I had in my stash. Stamped him with StazOn, cut out his pants, and used a markers to high light the rest. I also added some brads for buttons. The circle stamp is CTMH: Sensational Seals. I decided I need some more circle punches though because it was really hard to cut out layers around that stamp.

As you can see she's 21 Again!!!
Happy Late Birthday Shelly... I Love You....
I better go put those last 2 borders on my quilt. Until later have a great day!!

Friday, November 2, 2007


I managed to do some quilting. It's really PINK.... These are a few of the blocks. I still need to add some borders but I think it's turning out pretty nice. I'm hoping to get it pinned and start machine quilting it Sunday!!
I still need to decide on a pattern for the next one. Maybe I'll look through magazines tonight when I go to bed.

I received this beautiful thank you card in the mail today from Susan MacDonald. Isn't it pretty. Thank you Susan!!
I also wanted to thank Jennifer Diercks for the great Halloween images she sent me. I had a lot of fun coloring them, but forgot to take pictures before I gave the cards away... They where really cute.
They have a bunch of cute new stamps out... I will need to get a few I'm sure. And the cards everybody makes with them are so cute. It just makes me want to buy more!!
Until later...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Back...

Well it was only 14 Excruciating Days!!!
I REALLY - REALLY missed Blog Hopping....

I joined a swap over at The Witches Caldron and here is the great swap stuff I received from Ashley . She made these really cute bags that I put candy in and gave to every one at work. Thanks Ashley!! I loved everything....

Also it was my Birthday yesterday... I received a bunch of great cards in the mail... THANKS everyone. It was super fun to actually get something good in the mail instead of just bills.

This ones from Dawn Eatson. Love the colors and the bling on the flowers!!

This ones from Pat Sergeant. I love the sparkle and the diminish on this one!!

This ones from Andrea Hays. I love those flowers and the great Happy Birthday sticker!!

This ones from Melissa Pincham. I love how you stamped the images and then cut them out!!

This ones from Sherree Bowman. It's so elegant!! She also included some embellishment tabs that I haven't tried yet. Thank You!

This one from Dottie Kinnear. I Love BELLA'S!!!

This ones from Christina Williams. I love the fairy paper and the Believe sticker!!

This ones from Becca Morrissey. Isn't it cute?? She also sent some Witchybella images. Thank you!!

This ones from Dannette Ruger. It's super cute... and I love Bella's!! Did I tell you that already?? :)
THANKS Again Ladies!! I love them all.
You truly made my day every time I received a card....
I'm glad I'm back online.... I'll have more to share tomorrow. Now I'm off to blog hop!!! :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 8...

Well it's day 8 with still NO Internet service at home. It's been a long week. I spend a lot of time online I discovered. And I love it!!! I have received a bunch of birthday RAKS this week that I will post pictures of as soon as I'm back up. Hopefully Monday... They sent the new modem 2 day air on the 25th UPS. So I'm pretty sure it will be Monday ( I would love it if it was sitting on my porch when I got home :) Wishful think I'm sure). Then we'll hope they have turned it all back on.
I'm really missing visiting every body's blog and checking out all there cool projects. But I did go and purchase the new Hana stamp this morning. Yippie!! Can't wait for her to get here. So hopefully I'll see you next week with some pictures!!

Have a great weekend... :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day Two...

Ok it's official they turned off my Internet yesterday!! Let's see how long it takes them to turn it back on at the new speed.... I'll see you when it's back up and running. Unless I have time to post something at work like today. But I doubt it since I like to include pictures.....
See you soon :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cloud Nine....

I stayed up late last night so I could finish this one. It was a tear jerker!! I cried for the last 1/3 of the book, but I knew I would that's why I finished it last night instead of today at work. It's a great story about life and how life some times sucks! So if you need something emotional this is the one.
I also watched Transformers last night. It was alright.... But man I could really see myself in that yellow Camero!!! It was HOT. And I fit in the Hoax. It to was alright nothing exciting. Both were not ones I would have to see again and again. But I did get some image coloring in while I watched these. So it worked out ok.
On another note I'm still dealing with trying to upgrade my Internet speed... So if I just vanish for a few days that's what happened they turned it off to restart it at a higher speed. I guess they can't just push a button?? So I have to cancel my service and then reup with something else. The whole thing has been a pain in the fanny!!! I just want to scream it shouldn't been this complicated. But if I am down a few days I'll definately have to work on my quilt instead of hanging out on here checking out everybody's great stuff. :)
Well off to get ready for work. Until later.... :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Last night was Bunco at work. They needed a sub so I was it. I knew they must be desperate when they asked me. I'm not into playing games of any kind. About an hour into it I was thinking are we almost done, but we hadn't even made it half way yet. But we did have a lot of snacks!!
It looks like we are in for a storm today! The wind is blowing like crazy outside right now. I better make sure I take my coat in with me at work or I get soaked when it's time to go get my hair done. Today is hair day... I love hair day!! There's nothing like a new color to perk up your day. Make you feel pretty! I think today I'll go with the same color Dondi (my hair dresser) gave me last time. I really like it. I usually get something new every time I go in. I'm into change it makes me feel like a whole new person. Dondi gets a little worried about whether I'll like it or not, but I'm like "Dondi if I don't like it, it's only hair I can get something new next time or you can fix it tomorrow"
Here's the colors I picked out for the quilt I'm working on. I have a few pieces sewn together. I'm hoping to work on it some more this weekend. I'm not really into pink!! But I actually like these together. I'll try and get some blocks sewn together and share those. I think tonight we will be watching Transformers so I should be able to get some more coloring done.
Until later... Have a great day!!! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Choice....

Here is my latest book read. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. He's another of my favorite authors. Of course it's a love story. Who could resist that? So if your into love stories I highly recommend it, but let me warn you, I needed tissue. I admit it I'm a crier and I cried. It wasn't hard for me to get into and I could have stayed up all night to read it (but I didn't). So pick it up and then let me know what you thought....

I don't think I'll start another book tonight. I think I'll take a couple of days off. Oh but I still need to finish the one I was reading before I started the last two because I couldn't check those out again at the library because they were new. And Patricia Cornwell has her new book coming out on the 22nd of this month. So, so much for taking a break. Luckily I have the week of Halloween off from work. I think I'm going to stay home and just relax and play in my scraproom. Maybe quilt some. Definitely take naps during the day!!! I'm feeling very run down. Everybody at my work is catching the creeping crud that starts going around this time off year. YUCK!! So I'm off to bed for some rest, maybe I'll sleep it off....

Until later... :)