Friday, March 21, 2014

March Calendar...

The card I made to mark the March pictures in the girls albums.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Project Life Weeks 10-11...

I've made it 11 weeks in.
Feeling pretty happy that I'm staying caught up.
I used a few cards from my Studio Calico Project Life kit this time.
Figured I should use them not just look at the boxes.

This week's high light is Natalie running around the house naked.
She is currently into being naked.
So we are working on potty training while she doesn't like clothes.

I also used a sheet of Simple Stories Vintage Bliss paper.
I love that I just had to cut the sheet apart and add photo's.

I was fiddling with my big camera and caught a series of photo's 
where Natalie is dancing.

I used 4 Studio Calico cards on this one.
I also include the March calendar card I made for the girls albums.

My Project Real Life layouts for week 8 & 9.

I didn't take hardly any pictures this week.
The girls weren't being very photogenic.
So I was able to fit all of week 11 on one sheet.

My week 10 for Project Real Life.
At this point I'm looking forward to the class being done.
Seems like I have less and less stuff to include in the spreads.
But there is only two more weeks, so I will finish it up.

At the rate I'm going I'm going to need a couple more albums
or I'll have to move all my separate projects to their own album.
I'll see how it goes.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

My Project Life Weeks 8-9...

I'm continuing on with a few cards from my
Move More Eat Well class.
Makes me accountable.
I also included my One Little Word reflection card for January this week.

I love the picture of the girls trying to use the potty 
even though they are not very good pictures it's a time to remember.
Soon they will be going in the Big Girl Potty..

I managed to capture a picture of both girls trying to grab
the camera out of my hand this week.
I love that I can see just a part of their faces.

Showing of our Valentine's shirts.
In the bottom one they are giving each other a kiss...

My Project Real Life spread for this week.
Nothing exciting..
Not many pictures for that.

Lexie's new shoes.
Enjoying a fruit bar.

My One Little Word reflection card.
I'm a head of the game this month.
A picture of the lawn mower after the wheel fell off.

Ashley's new car we picked up for her.
Natalie having mini M&M's.
Basket spinning.
More Move More Eat Well cards.

I haven't gotten around to my Project Real Life Spread yet..
Kind of losing interest I guess...
I'll just have 2 for next week.