Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Project Life Week's 5-6...

Week Five

This week Lexie wanted to help stir the pancakes.
More time at the park
and a nap.
Grandma LOVES those.

Grandpa also spent a day out with Lexie this week.
They went to McDonalds, the train museum and Walmart.
Grandpa remembered to take his phone to take pictures.
High Five grandpa!

The girls sneaking samples of the cinnamon rolls waiting to cook.

Read 2 more books.
5 to go.

Week 6

This week includes both girls wanting to help cook dinner.
February goals card.
January achievement card.

We watched Big Hero 6.
(loved it)
Made cookies.

Read 2 more books
3 to go.
Glad I joined a couple different book groups over at Good Reads.
I get to try out new authors that way.
Other wise I read the same authors all the time.
Watching the girls all day sure make for lots of reading time.
I'll be done with my 12 books for the year goal in no time.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...what a commitment you have made with creating these books. You will be so glad you did keep your promise in the future. I have a bout 50 scrapbooks of my children and love looking back at our memories. Happy Thanksgiving.