Thursday, May 29, 2008

Too Much Filing....

Today at work I did nothing but file.....Boring!! Ok I did copy some stuff for about 30 minutes.
But for the most part I stuffed papers into peoples charts. I would have rather been home coloring or stamping or looking at people creations on blogs...
Speaking of creations look at these I got in the mail here lately. This first one is from Donalda.
I love the cute Magnolia card. Suck pretty colors and look at all those images she sent!! There"s a huge stack under the card... She made my day with this awesome mail.

And this next one I received from Jo and she
made the cute image holder. And yes it was stuffed with great images. Even that cute little mouse one on the front of her folder... Wow!! Another make my day mail day.... Thank you girls I really love them.

Now I need to make up something to hold all the images I've got so I can see them. I'm into organizing this week. Maybe a cute lunch box??
Well I'm off to pick up my scrap room some more and maybe stamp up some images. Until later.
Have a great day!

P.S. Thank you everyone for the congratulations and comments. I really appreciate it!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm So Excited.....

I made it... It's official.... I'm on the DT for Scrapmagasinet!!! I'm so excited and honored. When Lisbet posted on her blog that she was looking for DT members. I just had to send her an email. I love her stamps they are so cute.

I also learned something new today I was her first US customer. I didn't know. How cool is that?? I just couldn't resist getting her Rakle collection.

She is still picking one more DT member from Europe. I can imagine it's a hard process to pick someone. There are so many creative people out there. Also to join me today is Nicole and the returning members Lene and Sofie. Congrats ladies!!! And thank you Lisbet for the great opportunity. I'm looking forward to it.

For today's card I used Maxit Farmer from the Rakle collection. I colored him with Prisma pencils and Gamsol. Used Basic Grey paper, Misc ribbon and embellishment. I also used Taylor's sketch #17 from Taylored Expressions. Thanks Taylor for the great sketch.
Did I tell you I'm just so EXCITED!!!! How fun....
I'm also trying to organize my blog a little. So I may move things around a bit.... Ok have to get ready for the baseball banquet now. I'm taking some coloring along to do while my husband does his thing. He said I could color if I went with him. That should keep me busy.
Until later... Have a great day!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today Went Fast...

Today went by super fast at work. But I like it when you stay busy. Sitting around with nothing to do drives me crazy.
For today's card I used the Cute Card Thursday challenge #11 sketch. I used my Megabilities- Spellbinder die again. This time to make the scallops at the bottom. I then used a rub-on for the little flower heart at the top. The image is a hÄnglar & stÄnglar stamp got in a swap with Monika. Thank you Monika. I really like these cute stamps. (If you live in Norway or Sweden and would help me get some of my own I would love it!!!) I used some Basic Grey pattern paper, misc. flowers, brads, rub-ons and ribbon.
I'm currently trying to organize my stamps. I decided I need some way of being able to see them. So I'm stamping them on paper and putting them in a binder that I will divide up. I hoping this will help me find them easier. I hate looking through a bunch of boxes and usually end up using whats on top. This way I can see what I have and where it's at. But organizing is going to take a while.
Until later... Have a great day!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Too Much Work...

Well I think my weekend project was a little to ambitious... Me managed to get most of the wood out of the neighbors yard. All but the big stuff that will require a way bigger saw then we have. And we did put away enough wood in the drive way to fit my car back in. Just barely. We didn't even start on the fence and I decided we are going to need to rent a splitter for the wood in the driveway. I'd say at least half of it needs split up small then it is. That's way to much for my poor honey to take on. As for me my back is killing me. I am wore out.

But I did have time to play a little at night. I found a couple of images I'd already colored and thought I make them up. For this first one I used the Paper Take Weekly challenge #3 and Rakle Farmer stamp. Isn't she cute. I like how big they are. I also use Basic Grey paper, Spellbinders-Megabilities, Misc. Flower punch, ribbon hanger, flower brads and ribbon. (yes the ribbon was from the ribbon buy in)

I found these cute flower brads in my stash forever. I keep looking at them and today I was like OK just use them already you can go get some more.
My oldest daughter Ashley came over tonight to scrapbook her pictures from her adventure this weekend. She's so cute I never thought I'd see the day she'd be interested in anything I'm interested in doing. But she showed up with her pile of pictures she'd had printed out and some props to take a picture of some memento's she'd picked up while there. She looked through some magazines for ideas for her pages and she finished 3 whole pages. I'm impressed and she'll be back because she still has a bunch of pictures to do... Yeah!! I'll have to get me some pictures ready for next time.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Project...

This is our weekend project... Put up a new fence. This one is falling down. So I thought this would be a great weekend for me and my honey to work on this. Until I found out we had to pick up our wood.....

So this was our Saturday project go get 4 cords of wood and put in the drive way to be put away after the new fence is put up. Our drive way holds 3 cars. Believe me it's a lot!! And we have to finish cutting up the 2 Myrtle trees our next door neighbors cut down too. So I'm off to motivate my husband into leaving the couch!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I've Been Awarded...

I've been awarded... this great award by Donalda over at Enjoy the Journey. Thank so much!! It's taken me a while to get it posted. Now I guess I'm suppose to pick three others to award, so here goes.
Claudia, Shary & Marlene all three of these ladies have fabulous blogs. They are so creative.

Now this one I got from Annie. Thank you so much!! Wow.. I Rock Socks.. How exciting. I never would have thought anyone would even come visit my little blog. Actually I never thought I'd last at it, but it's been totally fun!! So here's my three picks for the You Rock Socks Award: Kathy ( I love her guy candy posts), Katharina (I just love her stuff) & Donalda ( she's learned to color left handed-awesome).

So there you have it my awards for the day... And some awesome blogs to go check out. Back to work now. Have a great day!!

Heather :o)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Card & Finally......It's Moving.......!!!!

Oh MY... Just look at it.. All those fabulous colors to play with. It seems like it's been posted at the top of my blog forever!!! But not after today. It's moving....
I have received 39 of the 40 colors. The last roll is still on back order. And who knows for how long. Well I'm sorry to say I'm tired of waiting and it's going to the post office today. It's been sitting in my living room forever and I'm tired of looking at it sit there.

So here it is all bagged up... It's now in my car waiting it's trip to the post office. If everyone could let me know when you receive it so I can mark you off my list.
Thank you so much for your patience!!! This whole thing has been a pain in my B***. I'll definitely not be doing it again unless I have ordered the ribbon and have it sitting at my house ready to ship out. Who knew the company I ordered from would sell you something they don't have in stock and make you wait forever for the product after they charged you for it. In my opion they shouldn't charge you until they are ready to ship it or at least tell you it's out of stock and give you the option of picking something else!!! But that's just my opinion.....
Now on to better things.
Here is my card for the Cute Card Thursday challenge #10. Isn't this the cutest image? It's one of my new Penny Black stamp Fly Away. I got from Dick over at HM Stamps. It's in the 1999 catalog if your interested. There's a bunch of cute ones like this in that catalog. I also used sketch #10 from My Paper World. I have trouble remembering what day sketches start so I've modified my challenge section to tell me the day they are posted. Maybe that will keep me on track?? Maybe Not!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ribbon Buy In??? Full!!!

Yes I'm pulling out all my hair over this.....:) With the stress of it all I may need to be RAK with images.... :0) (Just kidding)

Update: 3-20-08 The ribbon has been ordered!! I'll let you know when I get it... :)

4-15-08 The ribbon has arrived. But as I actually looked at it tonight there are 5 rolls missing. They are on back order. I have email the company to see how long it will take and/or if I can trade colors and have them shipped out ASAP. I let you know as soon as I know. Just so you all know I am working on this current problem...

4-18-08 Well they emailed me back and they gave me NO options just said it would be 2-3 weeks before it comes in. I'm so sorry!!! This is the first time I've done this and had NO idea it was going to take this long. I feel awful about all this.

5-11-08 Yes I'm still waiting... But I have the envelopes all addressed and ready.. Please hurry up and get here. But just to make it fair my ribbon is sitting in the box with all of yours. I haven't played with it yet, it just doesn't seem fair. :)

5-12-08 OH MY GOSH.... I got an email confirmation that they are shipping the ribbon!! Says it'll be delivered on the 20th. PLEASE let it be all of it!!!! I'll let you know.....

1)Me: Heather Huggins
2)Michele Greenwood Paid
3)Marcia Butler Paid
4)Katie Skiff Paid
5)Lori Scott Paid
6)Kathy Foy Paid
7)Connie Petertonjes Paid
8)Shae Otto Paid
9)Tammy Birkhead Paid
10)Leanne Dudley Paid
11)Jessica Anderson Paid
12)Judy Rivera Paid
13)Sue Arriola Paid
14)Tanis Palmer Paid
15)Becky Chabot Paid
16)Tamra Blake Paid
17)Brenda Giese Paid
18)Julianne Kinney Paid
19)Debby Boltman Paid
20) Carol Berthelsen Paid

More Candy....

Check out the fabulous blog candy that Michelleo is giving away on her blog for hitting 5000. All you have to do is link her blog and then go leave a comment and you could win this awesome prize package. It was my first visit there and I'm heading back to check out her fabulous creations.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Early Morning Breakfast.....

Ok look at these two. I caught them enjoying the new bird feeder Saturday morning. And of course they didn't want to sit pretty while I took a dozen photos. They flew to the other feeder on the other side of the yard to enjoy more breakfast in peace and quiet. I ended up breaking out the big camera with the zoom lens and taking some more but I haven't converted them yet so you get to see the little camera pictures.

Then I seen these really cute cards over on the Verve blog using there new stamps. I said to my self you don't need to buy those you have some butterfly stamps. Yeah but what about those cute sayings??? Now come on now you can print those out your self. You have a million and one fonts in a folder on your computer. Load The Font Thing and see if you can find a similar font... OK!!! So I did and this is the result 6 cute Thank You cards for the Say Thank You challenge over at Stamp Something. I think they turned out pretty cute even with out the new stamp set that I still want. Maybe on payday.....

Then there is the challenge I challenged my friend Sue to try. Well here is her super cute card. Didn't she do an awesome job?? I love it.... Great job Sue. I'd be thrilled to receive a Sue card in the mail. Hint-Hint!! :)
Well better go work on another challenge... Have a great day!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

More House of Mouse....

This one is a gift for my friend Sue. I challenged her to try a sketch challenge that I sent her the address too. After I finished mine I dropped it in the mail for her even though she lives right here in the same town. It's always fun to get something besides bills in the mail. I just love this little mouse hugging his bird friend. But those little pine needles where a challenge to color they are awfully small. I had to keep sharpening my pencil and I didn't use the blending stump on them. I also got a new flower punch I had to try out. So I put those on the top with the little gem flowers on top. I have a bunch of those jars of flowers and I can never find the color I want to match my project so I'm going to purchase some different flower dies to use. I figure that should fix the problem. And I have a bunch of different die cutting systems so I will probably end up with a bunch. I get a little obsessed with purchasing stuff.
We have had crazy weather the last 3 days. I went to the bank yesterday at 4:30 and the sign said 99*. I had heard one of the patients saying it was 109* at there place that day. CRAZY!! The first day was torture. You can't go from around 50* to over a 100* in a day your just not used to it. But today was alright. Needless to say all the windows in the house are open for any breeze we can bring into the house. And I'm not sleeping in my flannel PJ's.... :)
Well better go get something else made up. Until later...

Chance to Win Some Candy....

Do love hÄnglar & stÄnglar? I sure do.... I'm still looking for someone will to buy some for me and ship them over ( could it be you??). Any ways Heidi is giving one away with a bunch of stamped images. Oh I sure would like to be the winner... But hop on over for your chance too!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Say Cheese....

I Love House of Mouse stamps they are so cute.
I have a folder on my computer that holds my stamp wish list. I order once a month from Dick over at HM Stamps and I thought it would be easier then searching his whole site every time I wanted something. Well who knew there would be that many images in there. So I pick a couple every month to go with the stamp of the month. Someday it'll be empty....Maybe!! Dick does make it super easy with his great prices.
I'm going to use this card on multiple challenges this time. Cute Card Thursday (Gems and Jewels), Friday Sketchers (there first challenge) and Stamp Something (something new also there first challenge). I didn't use any new technique or anything but it is a brand new stamp... To me anyways!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Challenge Blog....

Denise and Erin have started a new Challenge Blog "Stamp Something" The first challenge is May 9th this Friday!! Look at the cool prize they are giving away!! Super fun. I' planning on checking it out. Maybe I'll even finish it on time.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blog Candy Give Away....

Ila is giving away some blog candy for her Birthday May 6th. Isn't that cool! She has a super blog with looks of great stuff. Go check it out. Also her daughter Trina is having a give away too in honor of mom's birthday. Trina's blog is also awesome. Stop by and say and sign up for the blog candy.

Also here is my card for the Saturday Workout Challenge this weeks challenge is to use Adirondack Alcohol Inks. Which I have used to color my image with. The image is stamped on a piece of clear overlay. It was kind of tricky as it wanted to move around. Very slippery.