Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 8...

Well it's day 8 with still NO Internet service at home. It's been a long week. I spend a lot of time online I discovered. And I love it!!! I have received a bunch of birthday RAKS this week that I will post pictures of as soon as I'm back up. Hopefully Monday... They sent the new modem 2 day air on the 25th UPS. So I'm pretty sure it will be Monday ( I would love it if it was sitting on my porch when I got home :) Wishful think I'm sure). Then we'll hope they have turned it all back on.
I'm really missing visiting every body's blog and checking out all there cool projects. But I did go and purchase the new Hana stamp this morning. Yippie!! Can't wait for her to get here. So hopefully I'll see you next week with some pictures!!

Have a great weekend... :)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day Two...

Ok it's official they turned off my Internet yesterday!! Let's see how long it takes them to turn it back on at the new speed.... I'll see you when it's back up and running. Unless I have time to post something at work like today. But I doubt it since I like to include pictures.....
See you soon :)

Friday, October 19, 2007

Cloud Nine....

I stayed up late last night so I could finish this one. It was a tear jerker!! I cried for the last 1/3 of the book, but I knew I would that's why I finished it last night instead of today at work. It's a great story about life and how life some times sucks! So if you need something emotional this is the one.
I also watched Transformers last night. It was alright.... But man I could really see myself in that yellow Camero!!! It was HOT. And I fit in the Hoax. It to was alright nothing exciting. Both were not ones I would have to see again and again. But I did get some image coloring in while I watched these. So it worked out ok.
On another note I'm still dealing with trying to upgrade my Internet speed... So if I just vanish for a few days that's what happened they turned it off to restart it at a higher speed. I guess they can't just push a button?? So I have to cancel my service and then reup with something else. The whole thing has been a pain in the fanny!!! I just want to scream it shouldn't been this complicated. But if I am down a few days I'll definately have to work on my quilt instead of hanging out on here checking out everybody's great stuff. :)
Well off to get ready for work. Until later.... :)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


Last night was Bunco at work. They needed a sub so I was it. I knew they must be desperate when they asked me. I'm not into playing games of any kind. About an hour into it I was thinking are we almost done, but we hadn't even made it half way yet. But we did have a lot of snacks!!
It looks like we are in for a storm today! The wind is blowing like crazy outside right now. I better make sure I take my coat in with me at work or I get soaked when it's time to go get my hair done. Today is hair day... I love hair day!! There's nothing like a new color to perk up your day. Make you feel pretty! I think today I'll go with the same color Dondi (my hair dresser) gave me last time. I really like it. I usually get something new every time I go in. I'm into change it makes me feel like a whole new person. Dondi gets a little worried about whether I'll like it or not, but I'm like "Dondi if I don't like it, it's only hair I can get something new next time or you can fix it tomorrow"
Here's the colors I picked out for the quilt I'm working on. I have a few pieces sewn together. I'm hoping to work on it some more this weekend. I'm not really into pink!! But I actually like these together. I'll try and get some blocks sewn together and share those. I think tonight we will be watching Transformers so I should be able to get some more coloring done.
Until later... Have a great day!!! :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Choice....

Here is my latest book read. The Choice by Nicholas Sparks. He's another of my favorite authors. Of course it's a love story. Who could resist that? So if your into love stories I highly recommend it, but let me warn you, I needed tissue. I admit it I'm a crier and I cried. It wasn't hard for me to get into and I could have stayed up all night to read it (but I didn't). So pick it up and then let me know what you thought....

I don't think I'll start another book tonight. I think I'll take a couple of days off. Oh but I still need to finish the one I was reading before I started the last two because I couldn't check those out again at the library because they were new. And Patricia Cornwell has her new book coming out on the 22nd of this month. So, so much for taking a break. Luckily I have the week of Halloween off from work. I think I'm going to stay home and just relax and play in my scraproom. Maybe quilt some. Definitely take naps during the day!!! I'm feeling very run down. Everybody at my work is catching the creeping crud that starts going around this time off year. YUCK!! So I'm off to bed for some rest, maybe I'll sleep it off....

Until later... :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

Got Some Stuff Done...

Well I did get some stuff done this weekend. I worked on my quilt and colored in some stamped images. That coloring is alot of work... I also finished up the free card set I got from CTMH last month. They turned out cute. My friend Gail at work will be happy to receive those today. I told her I would let her have them when I was done playing with them.

I also watched some movies. They were perfect for coloring. "Surf's Up" this was a cute kids movie. Can't say it rates up there with Bambi, but it was ok. Also "Reign Over Me" it was a sad movie the poor guy. But again very good to watch while coloring. I also managed to fit in the last disc of season 3 of Gray's Anatomy. Man did they have drama last season or what. I'm tired of the whole I'm in Love with you story line just get over it and move on.
So hopefully I'll have some time tonight to make up some cards with my colored images. I also got my new Hana Stamps!! They're a new stamp company. If you haven't checked them out go over to Kreations by Krissy and have a look. You can also see the real Hana. Can't wait to stamp some stuff with her.
Well off to work. Have a great day!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

It's Friday....

Thank Goodness it's FRIDAY!!! It's been a long week for me. I had to work in a different office then usual. So of course everything was kind of new, but I managed.

Here's one of my new TAC stamps. Isn't she fun? She looks like she's having a great time. Reminds me of summer.

I'm not sure about the colors, but I'm trying to branch out from just looking at the paper to actually using it. So I just brought out a couple of stacks and started tearing out paper. Who cares if you cut it up.... You can always go get more.... :)
Until later.... Have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Eat Dessert First!!

This is definitely how I feel... Eat Dessert First!! Then your sure to have room. Who cares about the steak or what ever your having. It's all about the dessert. The sweet goodness of what ever you pick. So go for it today and
Until later.... :)
P.S. It's a Stampendous stamp #v079 Full Fluffles. And the paper is DCWV Spring Stack.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Book Review...

I finally finished reading "Playing for Pizza" by John Grisham. I feel like I've been reading it forever. It's about a football player who ends up in Italy playing football. For me it was a very slow read. I didn't have the urge to stay up half the night to finish it. Actually I didn't have the urge to really pick it up. But once I start reading something I have to find out what happens. I'm not into sports so I think that's what got to me right off, I just wasn't interested in the subject.
This one wasn't a winner for me, but I still like John he has some awesome titles out there. So now I'm off to start the new Nicholas Sparks book "The Choice" I'll let you know what I think.

What Happened to the Weekend???

I don't know what happened to the weekend... It just disappeared. I didn't even get dressed yesterday. I was being totally lazy. I remember getting dressed Saturday, but don't think I did any thing to great. Like work on my quilt project. It was National Card Making Day and I had all these plans. None of which happened. Oh well I did make up a couple of new cards that I'll take a picture of later when the sun comes out to share.
I'm still waiting for them to upgrade my Internet speed, so they haven't turned it off yet.... Off to get ready for work... Until Later.
Have a great day!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Internet Upgrade...

I spent most of this week on the phone trying to up grade the speed of my Internet service. AAAHHHHH!!!! You'd think it would be easier to talk to the phone company. But I think I finally got it straightened out this morning..... But I have to install a new router and they have to turn it all off and switch something to something else and it will take 2-4 days.(which is better then the 10 they originally quoted me) I was seriously freaking out just thinking about not having Internet for 10 days!! Plus how ever long it takes for the new router to arrive. So I'll not be able to post anything from home, but on the bright side I won't be able to spend all my time looking at everybody else great stuff. So I should be able to get some things done and have some things to share when it finally gets fixed.
So have a great weekend and I'll see you when I get rehooked up!!
Heather :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Not Enough Sleep...

I'm not getting enough sleep. It's not from lack of trying. I go to bed tired then end up waking up 3 or 4 times a night. It's now been two weeks of this. I was actually getting some pretty good sleep last night only waking up once, when my husband decided to get up at 4. He's not very quite once he's up. He does try, but any thing wakes me up (the dog breathing wrong). So turning on the kitchen light and heating up coffee in the microwave were like torcher. Oh and he let one of the dogs out side and there was some kind of critter in the tree. Yes there was barking!! So I just got up and got ready for work, but felt like I was in a coma all day. Needless to say I'm not getting anything done.

I did start dinner in the crock pot this morning though so I didn't have to cook dinner. I came home and hit the couch. I watched Fantastic 4 that came in the mail from Neflix today. It was relaxing. The kids will love it. I thought it was ok, but not watch again great.

I still have to finish up the little something extra I'm putting in Chris's package to go with the star album I'm giving her. I'm hoping to work on that some tomorrow and get it in the mail.... So if your reading this I haven't forgotten!
For now I'm heading off to bed and try and get a goods night sleep.. If not I might call in sick tomorrow and take a nap!!
Until later....