Thursday, October 18, 2007


Last night was Bunco at work. They needed a sub so I was it. I knew they must be desperate when they asked me. I'm not into playing games of any kind. About an hour into it I was thinking are we almost done, but we hadn't even made it half way yet. But we did have a lot of snacks!!
It looks like we are in for a storm today! The wind is blowing like crazy outside right now. I better make sure I take my coat in with me at work or I get soaked when it's time to go get my hair done. Today is hair day... I love hair day!! There's nothing like a new color to perk up your day. Make you feel pretty! I think today I'll go with the same color Dondi (my hair dresser) gave me last time. I really like it. I usually get something new every time I go in. I'm into change it makes me feel like a whole new person. Dondi gets a little worried about whether I'll like it or not, but I'm like "Dondi if I don't like it, it's only hair I can get something new next time or you can fix it tomorrow"
Here's the colors I picked out for the quilt I'm working on. I have a few pieces sewn together. I'm hoping to work on it some more this weekend. I'm not really into pink!! But I actually like these together. I'll try and get some blocks sewn together and share those. I think tonight we will be watching Transformers so I should be able to get some more coloring done.
Until later... Have a great day!!! :)

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Tracy.H said...

Can't wait to see your quilt...the colors are so pretty! :0)


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