Thursday, June 16, 2011

As You Wish...

I've finished reading the 2nd book by Gabi Stevens: As You Wish.. It was a cute reading regarding the fairy godmother's story. I liked how whimsical the whole thing was. Who doesn't want to believe in fairy godmother's and magical stuff.. I'm now waiting for book 3.. I'm on the Room by Emma Donoghue. Nothing about fairies in this one. It's about a little boy Jack(he's 5) & his mother living in a room. They are prisoner's of some sort, but I haven't gotten that far yet.

   Amazon Description:
Born into a magical family, Reggie Scott is content to live out her life as a normal human until the moment she’s informed that she’s a newly appointed fairy godmother. Left struggling to deal with powers the never thought she’d have, Reggie faces a curse, a plot to overthrow the Arcani, and an entirely too enthusiastic mother—all in a matter of days. 

Jonathan Bastion is a man of power and wealth—and a dangerous secret. He desperately hopes that Reggie's new powers will hold the answer to his problem and he isn't above using her to achieve his goals. What he doesn't expect is how much Reggie will affect him. Her honor, her honesty, and her strength quickly make cracks in his ruthless exterior. 

As danger from the Arcani swirls around them both, Jonathan realizes that what was once a ploy to get Reggie to assist him has become a battle to keep her safe and protected…in his arms.

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Ann English said...

Room will really give you pause...makes you think about children who have been raised under such "special" circumstances.


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