Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Currently Creative...

This week I made these super awesome cinnamon rolls.
Next time I won't expect to eat them before lunch or get up super early to make them.
It took way longer then I expected.
I can now see why they are so expensive when you buy them at Cinnabon.
They where a BIG hit with hubby and Ashley.

I've managed to redo 4 of the 6 sections I did wrong on my knitted blanket project.
The green section I just finished with seems like it took forever.
Maybe longer.
But it was the biggest piece. 
So hopefully the next 2 will go a bit faster.
Then I can started on the rest of the pieces.

I guess I shouldn't be in such a rush.
It's suppose to be fun and relaxing right?
But darn it I want to see the finished results.
Oh and buy more yarn...

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