Friday, August 26, 2011

Belles n' Whistles...

I've added some Belles n' Whistles stamps to Heather's Hobbie Haven. This one is called A Fairy Nice Flower. Isn't she adorable! I set two images a side I'm Thinking of using for November's Monthly Card Kits. I'll know for sure after I color them.

Also there are a couple of new CC Design stamps that I've added. Again I've pulled two, too make into kits for the Previous Kits section. I have them all stamped now to color them.

Hubby thought I should have an Odds & Ends section in the store, so I could have a place to put left over stuff or stuff I have laying around to sell. Maybe finished cards and stuff. It ends up I have a two of these Magnolia Bag Books left over from class and they have ended up in the Odds & Ends section.. They come with everything you need to make up the adorable bag albums. You'll need to color the images of course. You can get more information over at the store.

Trip to Eugene to have the car CD player fixed was not that great. We got there and the girl was like well mam we can't fix that. What do you mean you can't fix it? That's what we made the appointment for and drove 2 1/2 hours to get fixed. Well we can fix your recall... I don't care about the recall I need the CD player to work. Well mam we send all of that over to Brad's.. We'll why didn't you just say that when we made the appointment? So two hours after having the recall fixed and checking out.. Mam you seam to have a small leak in your oil pan, but it's no big deal.. REALLY OILS NOT IMPORTANT.. It is a small leak. That can get bigger right? Maybe since it's under warranty I should have that fixed too.. Don't you think? Well sure mam, let me see if we can do that today. Well we can but it won't be until 4. Never mind make me another appointment for next Thursday. Off to Brad's... $440 later they will be installing a new CD player next Thursday at 1. You know if you have steering  wheel controls you need a SPECIAL adapter for that $150..
They hardly have CD player any more. You now can have an Ipod player.. The Ipod goes inside the deck.
Who knew.. Oh and Hubby got a speeding ticket on the way home.. He was a little pissed off since he was passing a huge truck that was going 45 the whole way until we got to the passing lane and then was going 75.
So we didn't do any shopping and our trip cost us $887... I feel so special..

Sorry had to vent. Have a fabulous day!!

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Riet said...

So gorgeous Heather,I love the image and your papers.

Hugs Riet.xx


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