Monday, January 25, 2010

Procedure Day....

Well it's that time procedure day... Hopefully it just the CT scan and not the drainage tube insertion. My side is finally starting to feel better from Wednesdays procedure. I don't make a very good patient. I got up yesterday (day 8) just knew I'd be back to normal.. Yeah right! Got up ate breakfast because of my upset stomach and went back to sleep until noon. I didn't know you could feel this tired.  Totally sucks!! I'm ready to get back to normal I have work to do and cards to make.... :)



Anonymous said...

...but first you have to rest and recover! Your health is more important than cards (gasp!) right now. I'm sure your energy will come back soon. Relax and get well!

Holly said...

oh Heather, I hope you're back to your normal self soon!


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