Sunday, July 20, 2014

Currently Creative...

I know I said I wouldn't start another project until I finished my Knitted blanket,
but what can I say..
The yarn was calling to me.

I pinned a couple of thick crocheted blankets and had to make one for Lexie.
I crocheted it with two different yarns.
One really thick and soft (9 skeins) and the other one small and full of fibers (6 skeins).
I doubled these up.
I used a Q hook.
I only allowed myself to crochet one skein of yarn a day.
I did take it on a road trip and I was able to do 3 skeins that day.
So it took about a week to make. 

It turned out super cuddly and as you can see Lexie loves it.
Natalie was already asking where her's was.
So I'll have to whip her one up this week.

As for my knitted blanket I've finished 3 sections....
Slow but steady...

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Kellie said...

Darn that yarn for calling, I get that all the time hahaha! But it's a good thing as the blanket is gorgeous and I love the photo of Lexie with it.


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