Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekly Meal Plan - Week 1...

Life is hectic and I'm tired of spending a fortune at the store.
So I'm going to give meal planning a try.

This week I spent one evening after everyone went to bed searching my Pinterest boards for recipes.
I created a board called Meal Planning - {Picked Recipes} to toss the recipes I'm planning on using in.
So I won't have to search for them later.
Some used before.
Some new.

I printed out a weekly meal planner sheet I found online.

I wrote down what we will be having on what day.

July 13-19

Tuesday: Crock Pot Salsa Chicken (used)
Friday: LEFT OVERS, PIZZA or what ever (I'm not cooking)
Saturday: Spaghetti 

Then I made a shopping list of all the items that will be needed from the store.
Along with a few essentials like milk, juice, salad, eggs and bacon.
Now the best part I'm going to send my husband Mike to the store with the list to buy the items.
He never buys anything extra..
Unlike me who grabs ice cream, cookies and anything else that catches my fancy.
We'll be saving a bundle with me not shopping.
But I'll have to remember to state how many milks and juice to buy
or I'll only get one.

If it turns out there are more left overs then just for lunch the next day then I'll move 
recipes to the next week and eat the left overs a couple nights a week.

My plan is to make up the next weeks plan on Wednesday or Thursday.
This way Mike can shop on his day off for supplies.
I'll also be able to see what meats are on sale at the store.
I figure after a couple of months I'll have a good list of recipes we LIKE and can just rotate them around.
I hate cooking so I want it to be quick and pain free.

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Sharon said...

What a brilliant idea Heather and just think, with the money you save on groceries, you can buy more crafty goodies!!!
Hope you have had a lovely weekend.
Hugs Sharon. x


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