Thursday, September 20, 2007

Husband Has Time Off...

Today we went to get a new bathroom shower enclosure. Not very exciting, but while we were there I was like can't we get a new sink? ( the one in there now is cracked) Well then you have to get a new pretty faucet. And we are going to be putting in that garden tub so shouldn't we get a matching faucet for that too. Just in case by the time we get around to it they don't have the matching one.
Oh and your going to be puting in the pantry so we should get the doors for that.
Oh and your going to need to clean and stain the deck. Oh look at all the choices of colors!!
And the lawn still needs seeded. You promised I could have a lawn that looks like a football field.
My husband has Saturday - Wednesday off to do honey do chores... I don't think he knew what he was getting him self into. He's going to have to get up early... So much for vacation days....
I'm kind of feeling sorry for him... NOT!!
Until later...
Heather :)

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