Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'm a Slacker!!

Yep it's true. I'm a slacker. I just couldn't get up this morning. My dog cupid kept me up half the night wanting drinks of water. He can't get off the bed by himself he's blind. And then he had to go outside to potty. My husband forgot to give him his insulin shot last night and this happens every time he does. So when the alarm went off I was like no way... I did manage to sleep until 4:30 when my husband decided to get up and turn on the light.. AAAHHHHH!!! So I got up and man do I have a head ache, but I think my aspirin is starting to kick in.
I did go over to Sticky Stuff and order me some vinyl so I can make some wall art! It was hard choosing some colors. So I just got a bunch.
Todays my brothers birthday so I have to go buy him a present. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. We are suppose to go to his house tonight for a BBQ. Maybe I'll try and leave work early so I can go shop.. Or it's a movie rental gift card for him... Oh I still need to make him a card.. Man!! I need more time in the day...
Until later...
Have a great day!!

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