Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ink Pad Storage....

I have had all my ink pads in there boxes forever. It's always a hassel to get them out, so I usually just pay with the couple I already have out. So A couple of months ago I asked my husband to make me something to put them in.... So when I finally got tired of waiting I did an online search and this is what I came up with.

Muststash for only $39.99 each and Free shipping when your order totals $100!!! They are well worth it. Look at how neat my ink pads look. I can sort them by colors and just walk into
my storage area and grab a bunch. No box opening. No looking. Just walk in and grab. And I still have a bunch more room for more!!!

I also got the Sizzix storage case. I was tried of digging through the baskets to find one. This is so much easier. Every things in plain site. I have a bunch more room for more, but I'm thinking of putting some of the medium size StampIn up stamps on there. The boxes fit perfectly.

They have a bunch of different storage containers to choose from. So if you've been looking for something head on over and take a look and tell them Heather sent you. :)


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