Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm Back...

Well it was only 14 Excruciating Days!!!
I REALLY - REALLY missed Blog Hopping....

I joined a swap over at The Witches Caldron and here is the great swap stuff I received from Ashley . She made these really cute bags that I put candy in and gave to every one at work. Thanks Ashley!! I loved everything....

Also it was my Birthday yesterday... I received a bunch of great cards in the mail... THANKS everyone. It was super fun to actually get something good in the mail instead of just bills.

This ones from Dawn Eatson. Love the colors and the bling on the flowers!!

This ones from Pat Sergeant. I love the sparkle and the diminish on this one!!

This ones from Andrea Hays. I love those flowers and the great Happy Birthday sticker!!

This ones from Melissa Pincham. I love how you stamped the images and then cut them out!!

This ones from Sherree Bowman. It's so elegant!! She also included some embellishment tabs that I haven't tried yet. Thank You!

This one from Dottie Kinnear. I Love BELLA'S!!!

This ones from Christina Williams. I love the fairy paper and the Believe sticker!!

This ones from Becca Morrissey. Isn't it cute?? She also sent some Witchybella images. Thank you!!

This ones from Dannette Ruger. It's super cute... and I love Bella's!! Did I tell you that already?? :)
THANKS Again Ladies!! I love them all.
You truly made my day every time I received a card....
I'm glad I'm back online.... I'll have more to share tomorrow. Now I'm off to blog hop!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And Happy Birthday! You got lots of pretty cards!

Dawn Easton said...

Glad you are back online! I'd go nutty with no internet too! You got tons of great cards! Happy Birthday to you!

Tracy.H said...

Wow! What a great bunch of RAKS!! Happy belated Bday!! Hope you had a great day. :0)

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back, Heather. Hurray! And wow...your cards are just have some very talented friends. I think if I opened the mailbox to a bunch of cards like that I would completely pass out in glee. I just LOVE handmade cards. And the ones you received are so cool. Happy Belated Birthday.


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