Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Day Slipped Away...

I don't know where today went. It just disappeared. I managed to sew all the PJ bottoms together last night. Now to put the elastic/draw string in and put the hem in the legs. I started out making the drawstring following the directions... How do you turn something that small right side out? It's impossible. So I'm cheating and ironing them all nice and sewing the seam on the outside. I think it will be a lot faster. I even got my daughter Emily to try her pair on tonight so I could check the length. So maybe tomorrow I'll finish those up.

My other daughter Ashley decided she needed her dad to fix her cell phone so she invited herself and the two children she was watching over for dinner. Luckily we had a luncheon at work today and I brought home the left overs (No Cooking). The boys weren't real excited to have lasagna for dinner. So we called it Spaghettio's. Hey it was a small white lie and they liked it after trying it. One of them decided he hated green beans, but wanted a brownie so he ate them any ways. And Ashley she's tough.. it was it them or do without (she didn't have any she hates green beans). Kids... I forgot how much talking they can do (we were trying to watch a new T.V. show). I don't think they were quiet one minute while they were here. Makes me glad mine are grown.

I still need to cut out the file I redid this weekend to make sure it cuts out right. Hopefully tomorrow. My I'm busy.. I don't know how I got so busy. These are the pictures I used in my picture frame project. Hopefull you can see them a little better.

Until tomorrow...
Have a great night..
Heather :)