Monday, August 13, 2007

Fonts why so many??

Fonts... Why do I have so many? I spent yesterday looking at them and deleting the ones I thought looked the same. I even put them in folders by there first letter. So they would be easier to look at in my The Font Thing program. It was still a pain.. And I still need to go in and organize them into collections. :( I'm petty sure that wouldn't be that fun.. ) But I love them. Then I need to backup my new digital files and organize them in there program so I can find them.... Who am I kidding it's not happening today!!!

I also had time to work on this cute file I
made for a swap last month. I might learn how to use this program yet. But I love my screen capture program it was very helpful.

Oh and I got a chance to watch The Closer this weekend it was very good. I love Brenda the main character!! She's awesome. I added the rest of the series to my Netflix list. Any thing else you like to watch? I'm up for some more ideas.
So have a great day!!
Heather :)

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