Friday, August 31, 2007

OH MY...

I was just browsing my favorite blog spots for ideas. And I discovered myself. Over at Stampin When I Can under newly discovered. I'm the top one on the list. How exciting!! It amazes me all the great Blogs out there. They are just loaded with great ideas (A Lot), places to shop (Way to Many) and just life in general. I mean stuff you think only you could be going though and you find out others go though the same stuff. Wow!
Here is the movie we ended up watching... As the Title advertises it was Super Bad!! About 10 minutes in I was wishing I'd stayed at home and worked on the PJ's. I even got up in the middle to use the girls room and didn't hurry back. It was about a couple of teenage boys buying alcohol for a party so they could get some. The whole thing was just ridiculous. But my husband liked it.... He said it was just so stupid that it was funny. I'm
picking the next movie that's 2 in a row for him that I didn't like.
Well better get ready for work... Until later..
Have a great day!!
Heather :)

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Anonymous said...

Heather, about making matching pillowcases to go with your jammies if you have extra fabric. My mom made my children pillowcases for Christmas last year and put their gifts in them instead of using wrapping paper. We all loved it and STILL use them every other week! I am hoping she'll consider making new pillowcases this year! Thanks for sharing all your crafty ideas! Shae


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