Friday, August 24, 2007


I've been coming into work everyday now looking at these ugly lumps on the ground. Thinking shouldn't someone have planted those a little deeper in the ground. I'm not a gardener!! It's August already they must have died.... Those should have come up already? Right??

But then I noticed they had a couple of little shoots. Well that was pretty interesting looking, but still not that great.. How much longer until I can see the end result?? It seems like I have been waiting for weeks already..

The waiting is finally over and oh my they are Glorious!!

It was well worth the wait. And there are bunches of them. So pretty so I thought I'd take a picture on my way into work because I know they won't last long. Soon it will be raining again and Winter will be upon us....

I also had a chance to clean out my quilting room a little bit before I had to go have my hair done yesterday. But I will have to continue that tonight and bring up the big garbage can!! That's my goal for tonight... Finish up cleaning, so I'll probably be up late.... :)

Have a great day...


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