Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lost and Found....

I've finished cleaning the quilting room. It was a mess, but I did find a few things. Probably more then I wanted. I tend to buy things I'm going to make and then never start the project.

Like these Pajama Pants I was going to make for everyone for Christmas. How much flannel do I need for PJ's I never made. So it's my goal to make them up this week. It's only four pieces for heavens sake. If I make up one pair a night I should be able to finish them all by next weekend.... Keep you posted!

And how about this shirt... I thought it would be cool to pick out all these cute fabrics and combine two different ones to make the shirt. Like the monsters with the red. Maybe different colored sleeves and collar. But as you can see I have enough to do 5 different shirts. They don't look as cool in the bag so I got them out also and put them in plan view. PJ's then shirts.

I also found the patterns for "Mama Said" a quilt I made and sent to the Sister's Quilt Show last year (2006). This one took me a year to applique the blocks and another year to hand quilt with a year in between with it just sitting in my room because I was burnt out on hand quilting. I have been looking for those forever. I sold the quilt but thought some day I might want to make another one... You just never know.. Yeah right! So I put all the patterns in a box with two other quilt block of the month patterns I still haven't made but will someday. At least they are all in a project box together on the self so they aren't getting lost again.

The sad part is I didn't find all of these. I have tore the house apart looking for the rest of them, but still haven't found them. I even went over to the quilt store and had Michelle look on the computer to make sure I purchase them all and sure enough I purchase all the missing block on the same day along with a book. I have looked and looked. I found the book beside my bed but no blocks. I've obsessed over it for two days so I'm going to give it a couple of days rest then look some more. If all else fails I'll have to buy them again. That totally sucks because they are expensive and I don't know if I can still get one of them. I'm hoping someone didn't pick up the bag not look in it and throw it away! I'm sure I remember them sitting forever beside the kitchen cupboard and me picking them up and taking them up stair to the quilt room, but I Can't find them... There Lost..... :(

Until later.... Have a great day!!!
Heather :)

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Lori McDonald said...

Yummy - jammy bottoms!! I love JammieS!!!