Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A New Project...

I've decide to start a new project. While at a friends house (part time employer) for 4th of July BBQ I noticed she has a generic comforter on her bed. Well that just won't do. She need a quilt! But I haven't quilted in over a year. I don't know why?? Ok yes I do... I get on these little spurts of thing I like to do and I get obsessed with them (like Blogging). But I decided this is something I want to do for her. She's really a great lady. Always doing thing for others. It's going to be a surprise for her, some time in the future... But not to far in the future.

So for me the process starts with looking through a few hundred magazines I have stored in my quilting room and picking out the perfect pattern. This is the pattern I have decided on Reflection. I think it'll look great on her bed.

Then comes the fun part of shopping for fabric. So I gathered my husband for a shopping trip and he says WHY do you need to shop for more fabric you have a whole room full. But honey none of that is what I have in mind... :) OH?? And off we go.
Well we only had to spend a couple of days outing and three separate towns looking for what I consider perfect. Pretty good I think. My husband even helped pick some out and carried the bags.

So I went in and cleaned off the cutting table (man where did all this junk come from and why is it in here. HONEY!!) and found the tools I'll need to cut everything out. I'll have to finish cleaning the rest up before I can start sewing, but I'm off to a good start. I've taken a few photo's to keep track of the process. Now to just get started cutting everything out (but I still need to blog about this tonight)... Maybe tomorrow!!

So I'll keep you posted on the process and the finish.

Until later...
Heather :)

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