Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I love flowers in the summer. There are so many to choose from. The local nursery's are full of tons of choices. Way to many to pick from in my opinion. A few years ago my husband made me this cute flower bed around our tree out back.

Well I planted all these great flowers the first year.. And the slugs and snails destroyed them!! So I decided I'd put some ivy in there thinking it would never survive the winter. HA!! That was funny. Who knew it would take over everything in there.

Well this year I got on another flower crusade and off to the nursery I went. These are a few of my choices. I can never pick 2 the same so every flower is different. So many to look at. All so pretty.
That first night the dogs where given a stern warning about digging them up when I wasn't looking. Well when I came home they where all still planted but the stupid slugs had eaten one of the poor things all most gone.

Well I have to tell you I was pretty MAD!!! I went right out and purchased some Slug killer. The little buggers take that. I thought I would take care of them after a couple of treatments, but no I'm still killing them off. But I still have the flowers! They've grown in nicely over the summer. Now if I could just get my 1 lone tomato plant to grow a tomato.....
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