Friday, August 17, 2007

I had the day whole OFF!!

Yippie!! I had the day off from work. My husband was suppose to take the day off to!! But he thought I had changed my mind. So he had to WORK... HaHa!! So I had the whole day to play in my scrap room. I have to admit at first I was bummed. Thinking a whole day by myself how Boring!! I can't spend all day in my scrap room. I'll only last an hour or two and I spend the whole time searching around on the computer. And end up wasting the whole day. :) Well I didn't I hopped online and checked my email then worked on my Dog House Album. I even made a cute fire hydrant and dog bowl to go in it. I'm so proud! I did decide to go ahead and redo the album file itself though. I think the whole thing turned out rather CUTE!... Well have to go make dinner for hubby, so until later.

Have a great day!!

Heather :)

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LaurieD said...

Heather, I love your doghouse album it turned out great! I would like the dog bowl and fire hydrant posted too.
Thanks for sharing your great files. Laurie


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